On the basis of mutual trust, long-term cooperation between the two sides to take in order to achieve a common goal of risk sharing of benefits

The People’s Republic of China

Jiang Tai Insurance Brokers Company, Limited
Jiang Tai which is the largest insurance broker in China in terms of premiums handled, number of offices and employees has with us an alliance through which we operate its International Cooperation Department.  This department provides services as an insurance broker to Chinese enterprises and contractors operating overseas as well as foreign enterprises and contractors in countries and territories around the world, including but not limited China.



Allied Group Holdings Limited
AGHL are owners of multifaceted businesses located around the globe and are equipped to avail benefits from the rapidly changing dynamics of the global economic and social-economic climate. Their realm of operations cover trading, media, investment and financial.



Splendid Insurance Broker
Splendid Insurance Broker which is a licensed insurance and reinsurance broker in Taiwan is working strategically with us. We provide technical reinsurance brokerage support to Splendid as well as the capability to service Taiwan enterprises and contractors in China Mainland through the International Cooperation Department of Jiang Tai operated by us.


Republic of Korea

BOC Korea Insurance Brokers Inc
We are strategic alliance of BOC which is a licensed insurance and reinsurance broker in the Republic of Korea. Through BOC, we provide reinsurance brokerage services to Korean insurance companies directly or with the support of our Hong Kong SAR operation. The major shareholder of BOC is Bizsight Korea which is one of the largest third party administrator in Korea. Through this strategic partnership, we are in the process of establishing third party administrator services in our other operating countries and territories.