1. Risk Management Solutions

We are professionally geared as corporate, wholesale and insurance/reinsurance specialist with a team which has a proven record of success in providing risk solutions for wide range of ceding companies, local retail partners or major corporates from our access internally in our group and/or network partners to a pool of experts/underwriters globally across all lines to be conveniently fallen. Third Party Administration Unit render us unlimited expandability in term of product innovative under the challenging market place.

Risk solutions and consultancy

Corporations have to manage their respective risks every day. We provide to these corporations the management of their risks with advices, solutions and management services including actuarial studies, risk management structuring, risk and loss control engineering, etc.

Insurance management and brokerage

We are a licensed insurance broker directly or through our alliances in the following countries and territories:-

  • The People’s Republic of China
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • South Korea
  • Labuan IBFC
  • Mongolia
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Etc.

As a licensed insurance broker, we manage insurance programmes of property, liability, employee benefits, etc for clients, including but not limited to arrangement of insurance policies, management of insurance claims, etc.

Reinsurance brokerage

As a licensed insurance broker directly or through its alliances, we also act as reinsurance broker in Asia. As a professional reinsurance broker, we arrange for direct insurance companies, reinsurance companies and captive insurance companies reinsurance in various international and regional insurance and reinsurance markets, including but not limited to London, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and China etc.

Management service of captive insurance companies

We own and manage a rent-a-captive facility in Labuan IBFC through which can rent a captive insurance company to a renter. Through the captive insurance company, the renter can self-insure its risks directly and/or with the support from the reinsurance markets around the world.

Third party administration/marketing

We provide to insurance companies and other mass marketing facilities with third party administration/marketing services including but not limited to telephone, internet sales, claims services, and call centre support services, etc.

By convention, broking houses structure themselves into different division with each specializing a particular class of business to streamline their operation. We however adopt a “point person” approach instead taking from the clients’ perspective as we are convinced that distinct separation will unavoidably lose sight on the overall relationship with the clients concerned.

Our principal objective is to develop long-term relationships with our clients as well as underwriters so that the mutual interest of both parties can be best served. We are determined to provide more than mere “broking” services by establishing a basis for interdependence and partnership to tackle all the problems faced by our clients in promoting their business.

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Hong Kong SAR
SAG International Insurance Brokers Limited (Licensed insurance/reinsurance broker)
Biz Insight Global Holding Limited

The People’s Republic of China
Biz Insight (Beijing) Consulting Services Company Limited

South Korea
SAG Non-Life Insurance Broker Co.,Ltd (Licensed insurance/reinsurance broker)

Labuan International Financial and Business Centre, Malaysia
SAG Specialty Limited (Licensed insurance/reinsurance broker)
Visionary Insurance Limited (Licensed master captive insurance company)

Mongolia International Brokers LLC (Licensed insurance/reinsurance broker)

PT. Biz Insight. Indonesia